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Let our expert team handle fulfillment for your East Coast business. Rakuten SL has a distribution center in Scranton, PA that's ready to save the day.

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Fast, Accurate, and Efficient Distribution Solutions

Our Scranton Fulfillment Center Offers Fast, Reliable, and Accurate eCommerce Order Fulfillment and Shipping Solutions for the Northeastern Area.

If you have customers in the Northeast, our Scranton eCommerce fulfillment warehouse offers online retailers reliability and peace of mind when partnering with Rakuten Super Logistics. Our 3PL logistics Scranton team handles everything from warehousing and order fulfillment to shipping and returns, so you can focus on growing and scaling your business.

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Save Time and Money With eCommerce Fulfillment Experts in Pennsylvania

Ready to take your business to the next level?

To help free up your time and resources, outsource your eCommerce needs to our 3rd party logistics fulfillment in Scranton, PA and focus on what’s important—your business growth. Offering logistics services near Scranton, RakutenSL creates a premium delivery experience for you and your customers.

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Reduce shipping costs and speed up delivery with a fulfillment center closer to your customers!

Our comprehensive fulfillment strategy is designed to fill your orders quickly and accurately and ship them to your customers in the Northeast directly from our Pennsylvania warehouse in Scranton. Learn more about saving on shipping costs with fast delivery using our exclusive Xparcel Expedited and Xparcel Ground products.

We treat your customers like our own.

At Rakuten Super Logistics, we know that even one small mistake can cost your eCommerce business time and money. That’s why our goal is 100% accuracy, quick delivery, and exceptional customer satisfaction. You can trust that our 3PL fulfillment services in Scranton are designed to minimize errors and help your business reach its full potential.

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Do You Have a Nationwide Fulfillment Strategy? Take Advantage of Our Scranton, PA Location!

Do you have an eCommerce business is based in Pennsylvania, customers located in the Northeast area, or Scranton is simply a convenient stop between the point of origin and your customers? If so, this location offers fulfillment and warehousing services near Scranton to optimize your eCommerce strategy. The Rakuten Super Logistics nationwide network of fulfillment centers allows you to reach your customers wherever they might be. Our conveniently located warehouses can help you lower transit times, save on shipping costs, and let your customers know they can depend on fast and accurate shipping when they order from you.

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We Know What It Takes To Grow a Successful eCommerce Business

Running a successful online business can be challenging. At Rakuten Super Logistics, we understand the difficulties facing eCommerce retailers. That’s why dependable fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution services are essential. 

By offering our strengths and expertise in logistics as your Pennsylvania 3PL provider, you can:

  • Stay organized and up-to-date with transparent inventory management
  • Feel confident about business growth with a 3PL that can seamlessly handle volume increases
  • Rely on responsive support and trouble-shooting with our expert logistics team
  • Guarantee your customers accurate, timely, and dependable shipping and delivery
  • Compete with big brands with lower shipping costs from our exclusive Xparcel Expedited and Xparcel Ground products

Our Scranton logistics team offers competitive options that will help boost your customer service and satisfaction because we know continued customer loyalty is vital to a thriving eCommerce business.

We Care About Your Customer Experience

Whether you’re new to online retail or have been in business for a while, it’s never easy to secure new customers. That’s why it’s so important to leave a lasting, positive impression when a buyer chooses to purchase from your company over a competitor. Your reputation is everything, and Rakuten Super Logistics knows this first hand.

We pay attention to the things that make all the difference for your customers. Was the order packed neatly and accurately? Did it arrive on time and intact? Was the package hard to open? Was it difficult to return an item? Your customer’s experience doesn’t stop once they confirm their order. In fact, it’s just the beginning. The goal of our Scranton warehouse management team is to be an extension of your brand to deliver the experience your customers were promised.


What services does your Scranton warehouse offer?

Our warehousing and distribution Scranton location offers everything you need to deliver the best client experience, from inventory storage to shipping. You can integrate your eCommerce shopping cart seamlessly with our automated fulfillment management platform. Feel confident knowing we do same-day pick and pack, offer 1-2-day shipping to your customers in the Northeast, and manage the returns process, too. Your customers can also monitor shipments with the accurate carrier tracking information we provide.

Do you have experience with subscription box fulfillment in the northeast?

Yes, RakutenSL has experience with subscription box orders in and around Pennsylvania. We handle monthly product changes, maintaining quality control, customized packaging, and on-time shipping, every time through our automated eCommerce platform. If you have questions, our warehousing and fulfillment Scranton team can explain our process and put together a plan that works best for your eCommerce business.

Can Rakuten Super Logistics integrate with my eCommerce business shopping cart platform?

Our SmartFill fulfillment management platform integrates with popular eCommerce shopping carts and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart Marketplace, and more. We also offer integration for customized platforms via our API. Our team of Scranton onboarding specialists can walk you through the integration process and how we ensure a smooth and seamless launch after connecting to SmartFill.

Do you offer 2-day shipping from your Scranton fulfillment center?

Yes, 2-day shipping is an integral component of our fulfillment process. To operate in today’s eCommerce market, 2-day shipping is a necessity. That’s why our Scranton 3rd party logistics management team offers 100% order accuracy with 1-2-day ground shipping from our Scranton warehouse via our 2-Day Delivery Network.

How is RakutenSL addressing changes due to COVID-19?

As many buyers have gone online due to COVID-19 restrictions, we assure you that Rakuten Super Logistics is ready to accommodate the increased demand for your eCommerce business. We continue to comply with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local and state guidelines. Learn more about our response to COVID-19 and how we can help you scale your business during this time.

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Our 3PL fulfillment experts can provide a shipping analysis to see how you may be able to take advantage of faster delivery times and lower shipping costs by shipping from multiple fulfillment centers in our network. Stop wasting time and money on unnecessary transits and high shipping costs. Talk to our fulfillment team today to learn how we can work together to optimize your eCommerce strategy!

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Vet Organics Clients loved RSL
Vet Organics

We began a search and quickly concluded that we needed a larger company with multiple fulfillment centers that we could grow into, rather than choose a company with one single, centrally located, fulfillment center.

Our fitness client loved their experience working with us.
Fitness Product Company

Even though we’re not physically handling the order fulfillment, we feel like we are in complete control of the process.

Morrison Outdoors talked about using our network.
Morrison Outdoors

We used 2 other warehouses before RSL, and I can honestly say that it feels like RSL has the best of all worlds – unbeatable prices, exemplary service, perfect consistency. I’m grateful to be your customer!