Rakuten Super Logistics'
Response to COVID-19

How we are supporting eCommerce retailers during this challenging time.

A letter from our CEO

Updated December 1, 2020 

Dear Valued eCommerce Retailer,

Rakuten Super Logistics is an essential business and has remained operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As the spread of COVID-19 continues into the busiest and most critical time of the year for eCommerce retailers, I would like to take a moment to provide an update regarding Rakuten Super Logistics’ operations and capabilities.  

Rakuten Super Logistics is committed to ensuring a safe work environment for our employees as we support our clients’ increased volume. We have pledged to provide paid sick leave as well as medical checkups should our employees need it. To increase social distancing, non-warehouse employees will continue to work from home.

We are working closely with our shipping partners as they work through unprecedented volumes of shipments. While orders may be processed by our fulfillment center, we must be understanding of the possible delays faced by shipping carriers as packages are processed throughout the carriers’ networks.  

Further, Rakuten Super Logistics has a thorough business continuity plan in the event operations in one or more of our fulfillment centers are affected due to the spread of COVID-19. We continue to follow and comply with Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, as well as those of our local and state agencies.

As many retailers closed physical storefronts and directed patrons online, I want to assure you that Rakuten Super Logistics is ideally suited for this increased demand. With our nationwide network of fulfillment centers and our ability to ramp up services quickly, we assure you that we can accommodate your business needs. Should lockdowns happen in one area of the country, we can quickly adapt and ensure that our remaining facilities are able to process orders.

Rakuten Super Logistics has 20 years of eCommerce fulfillment experience. We have the stability, knowledge, and resources to help you protect your business – so you can continue to focus on what is important to you – your family and health.


Michael Manzione
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Manzione Signature - President & CEO of Rakuten Super Logistics

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company have a business continuity plan in place to address this health emergency?

Yes, Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) has a business continuity plan to address the COVID-19 crisis. Our Crisis Response Team meets daily, providing guidance during this pandemic. Additionally, we have assembled a cross-functional COVID-19 response team that includes occupational health and safety experts. This team communicates daily and is providing advice and directing response efforts across the organization.

Have you ceased operations at any locations?

All RSL fulfillment centers remain operational. Our warehouse and operations teams have the resources and tools needed to safely continue order fulfillment processes.

What measures and/or contingency plans are in place at your
distribution facilities to avoid the spread of coronavirus, in accordance with CDC’s guidelines?

The health and safety of our employees, our partners, and our community are top priority. RSL is aligned with the recommendations of health officials to help prevent further spread of the virus. RSL staff that can perform their job functions remotely have been working from home for several weeks. Our warehouse staff have been fully trained on recommendations and best practices in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Any employee who feels ill or suspects COVID-19 exposure is instructed to contact their doctor for medical evaluation, testing and/or monitoring.

What actions will Rakuten Super Logistics take if an employee
tests positive for COVID-19 or is at high risk of possible exposure?

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or is at high risk of having been exposed to the virus, RSL will identify all employees and third parties (partners, suppliers, vendors, etc.) with whom this employee came into close contact during the incubation period. While protecting employee privacy, RSL would notify any employees and third parties of the potential contact, advising them to monitor their health for symptoms and seek medical attention if symptoms develop or they are at high risk. The facility where the employee worked will be closed for professional cleaning and sanitation.

Can you provide a list of your products that are effective in killing the coronavirus?

CDC’s website (www.cdc.gov) offers guidance on prevention. CDC recommends cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

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