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eCommerce Fulfillment Services

Learn about our complete dock-to-doorstep logistics solutions at Rakuten Super Logistics. Our services help online merchants manage and grow their business.

Request a Quote
eCommerce Fulfillment RSL

Request a Quote Component

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Why RSL?
100% Order accuracy RSL
100% Same Day Shipping with RSL
U.S. Based Customer Service
What our clients say
Vet Organics Clients loved RSL
Vet Organics

We began a search and quickly concluded that we needed a larger company with multiple fulfillment centers that we could grow into, rather than choose a company with one single, centrally located, fulfillment center.

Our fitness client loved their experience working with us.
Fitness Product Company

Even though we’re not physically handling the order fulfillment, we feel like we are in complete control of the process.

Morrison Outdoors talked about using our network.
Morrison Outdoors

We used 2 other warehouses before RSL, and I can honestly say that it feels like RSL has the best of all worlds – unbeatable prices, exemplary service, perfect consistency. I’m grateful to be your customer!

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eCommerce Service Partners

With helpful eCommerce service partners, you can avoid costly multiple shipment expenses from different vendors or lack of purchasing power.


Rakuten Super Logistics' SmartFill offers an API integration with popular shopping cart platforms and online marketplaces including: Walmart Marketplace, Jet, Amazon, Ebay, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Channel Advisor, ShipStation, & Volusion

How It Works

Our team of onboarding specialists walk you through the entire integration process to ensure a seamless connection to SmartFill and a smooth launch.

step 1
Provide API key or access information

RSL has an open API architecture for custom or higher volume integrations

step 2
We are here to help you along the way

A dedicated on-boarding project specialist will work with you during account setup

step 3
Integration testing

RSL will test the integration, including order import, tracking number update, and shipping confirmation email.

step 4

Shopping cart integration is switched on and orders are automatically imported into SmartFill™ from your shopping cart.

About RSL Components

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success stories

What Our Clients Say

From first-time entrepreneurs to established eCommerce brands, see what our clients have to say about our fulfillment center network and team of dedicated fulfillment professionals

See What Our Clients Say
  • Learn how Vet Organics partnered with Rakuten SL to grow their business and provide fast and dependable shipments through multiple fulfillment centers.

    Vet Organics
    CEO, Chris David
  • See how Rakuten Super Logistics provides eCommerce fitness retailers the order fulfillment tools and services to compete in this competitive industry.

    Fitness Product Company
our team

Executive Leadership

Behind every successful company is an exceptional group of people leading the team. Meet the executive leadership team moving our company forward.

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Blog page layout

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Giving Tuesday Can Inspire Year-Round Hope

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Update on the Latest Supply Chain Crisis Heading Into the Holiday Season

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Check your 2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines List Then Check It Twice

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Holiday eCommerce Fulfillment Tips

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