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2020 Winners!

Meet Kyle Guinn

We sell a collection of professional grade smoke bombs,
orders started to roll in for me and I just put them in boxes,
used Shopify’s label buying system to label them, then I’d
drive them down to the post office and send them off. All of
competitors also shipped smoke bombs using USPS. One day,
out of no where I receive a cease and desist from USPS for illegally shipping nearly 800 orders...they stated they could claim millions in damages.

Meet Cheryl Santellano

I import traditional Japanese clothing, like kimono and obi, and travel the USA selling them to people from all walks of life, most of whom have always
wanted to try a kimono on but never had the chance.  We've been in
business for 6 years, and have even been on Japanese prime time TV twice.
And we have managed to import tens of thousands of vintage and antique
clothing, some furniture and antiques, and even a complete set of Edo Period samurai armor, despite many challenges.

Meet Tucker Smedes


Our OH SHIP! moment came when importing our pallets of games. Our entire container load was held up multiple times, with all sorts of inspections and
testing and hassles because all of the importers and people at customs
marked the paper work as "Taken Gold" instead of "Take the Gold" which as you can imagine, a boat carrying "Taken Gold" raises a few flags

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