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How important is being socially conscious in today's market?

Rakuten Super Logistics
May 9, 2018

Yesterday, I visited the staff and participants of the White Horse Youth Ranch Program at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, at an event hosted by Jim Sage, owner of Cowboy Trail Rides. The White Horse Youth Ranch is a non-profit group that helps rehabilitate underprivileged children by teaching them how to ride and care for horses. Joining me was Jon Eliot from A3 Merchandise/ProRodeo Gear. ProRodeo Gear had donated a substantial amount of clothing to the WHY Ranch, while Webgistix provided free fulfillment services for those donations.

Today, it’s not enough that a company pursues profit at the expense of social responsibility. Consumers have shown time and time again that they prefer the services and products of companies that uphold a strong ethical code and give back to the community. Donating excess merchandise, sponsoring events, or just raising awareness for charitable causes are all great ways to bolster your reputation and also increase profitability. And of course, doing the right thing is its own reward.

I’ll be blogging about this topic in-depth at a future date.