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Joe's Thoughts: Privacy and Social Media

Rakuten Super Logistics
March 5, 2018

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Google’s new social network, Google+, is the talk of the internet. Despite the fact that the network is still in beta testing, it already boasts over ten million users, and has gotten rave reviews from industry spectators. There are a number of reasons why the network is booming in popularity, but the main one is the way it handles privacy.

Outside of credit card transactions, the internet has never been about privacy. The rapid flow, volume, and dissemination of information are what drew people to the net to begin with. But as the speed and reach of information has improved, so have the risks increased. A single picture or thoughtless post on Facebook or Twitter can ruin a career or relationship. Social media users, particularly professionals, want to put up information that they know won’t be used against them. Privacy is a welcome differentiator in today’s social market, and one I feel will only become more important in the future.

How much do you feel your privacy is worth?