The Value of Good Customer Communications

Keeping your online customers well-informed of the products and services you provide is essential. Learn more about communicating with your customers!

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The Value of Good Customer Communications

Has a customer ever considered purchasing from a competitor because they didn’t know of certain services you provide? Offering special deals and services only brings in new customers if they know they exist. Regardless of what product you sell in your online retail store, communicating with your customers about special deals and services is essential to attracting new and repeat business.

Good customer communication is even more important if you have some services that add value to your product. For example, free or discounted shipping, dedicated customer service, or money-back guarantees. As I mentioned in a previous post, price-comparison shopping is more prevalent than ever before. The ability to compete against rock bottom prices depends on your ability to communicate the services your company offers beyond price.

How do you differentiate your eCommerce store beyond price?

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