From Pick-Up to Drop-off, SmartFreight handles the entire process. An all-in-one, turn-key freight service designed to provide the most efficient and economical business shipping solutions to move and manage freight.


With RSL SmartFreight, you can improve your freight operations while outsourcing the entire process.

Freight is an extremely time-consuming part of order fulfillment: navigating complex government regulations, getting the best rates, and negotiating with carriers. And if you’re shipping internationally, that’s a whole other dimension of red tape and complexity. RSL SmartFreight has the eCommerce shipping solutions you’ve been looking for. Our software provides shipping solutions for eCommerce businesses in almost any industry.

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  • Rakuten Super Logistics will arrange for your goods to be picked up and delivered to your RSL Fulfillment Centers.
  • As an FMC licensed global freight forwarder, we can pick up from any location in the world and deliver to any destination.
  • We can suggest proper classification and importation of your products to speed up the import process.
  • We set you up to have all your customs import/exporting needs taken care of with experienced brokers.
  • Streamline Your Operations & Save Time
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