SmartShip Optimizer

Automatically calculate the lowest cost shipping method available for every order, based on an estimated delivery date.

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Optimized shipping for every single package.

With Rakuten Super Logistics SmartShip Optimizer, every order is shipped via the most efficient carrier solution. Live shipping cost optimization applies advanced analytics to the order-fulfillment process by calculating the optimal shipment method for your customers.

SmartShip Optimizer is easy to set up. During the onboarding process, an implementation specialist will work with you to set up a Shipping Method Mapping that will be applied to every order processed in SmartFill. Once set up, SmartShip Optimizer will ensure every order is automatically processed for the most cost-effective delivery method, based on your shipping speed preferences. Contact us to learn more about our efficient shipping solutions.

  • Save money on shipping for every package out the door
  • Ensure timely delivery, based on preferred shipping speed to every location
  • Automate the shipping cost analysis for every shipment
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