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Rakuten Super Logistics provides eCommerce retailers the tools to effectively manage and scale their fulfillment and shipping operations. From an easy-to-use order fulfillment management interface, to a hands-on group of logistics professionals, and a behind-the-scenes cost-cutting shipping tool-- Rakuten Super Logistics can help you streamline your ecommerce fulfillment processes.

Order Fulfillment Service Setup

Rakuten Super Logistics makes it easy to get up and running with fast and accurate order fulfillment services. Our team of implementation experts walk you through the whole process and work with you to ensure proper account setup, inventory receiving, and official launch.

step 1

SmartFill Account Set Up

The first step of the Rakuten Super Logistics order fulfillment process is getting your SmartFill account set up and ready for integration. SmartFill offers plug-in integration with top shopping cart platforms, as well as the option of integrating via our custom API.

step 2

Integration Testing & Prepare Inventory

After SmartFill integration tests are completed, you will prepare your inventory for receiving. Our SmartFreight specialists can arrange delivery to your selected fulfillment center(s).

step 3

Inventory Received & Processed

Your inventory will be received and processed for accelerated inbound receiving. Inventory is processed and made available for shipment using our order fulfillment service within two business days.

step 4

Packaging & Order Processing

Once your order information is flowing smoothly from your website into SmartFill, you’re ready for launch. With our order fulfillment system, you can customize or add marketing messages to your packaging slips, or use standard packaging.

The Order Fulfillment Process

Once your account is set up and launched, your orders are ready to be automatically processed through our SmartFill system for picking, packing, and shipping to your customer.

Step 1

Your customer purchases a product from your website or marketplace.

Step 2

The order is automatically received at your nearest fulfillment warehouse.

Step 3

The order is picked, packed, and shipped to your customer by our fulfillment team.

post shipping analytics

Send Anywhere, Track Everything

You can utilize Rakuten Super Logistics’ SmartFill dashboard to create reports on trends in your order fulfillment. For example, you can find out which of your items were hot sellers or see which items had the highest number of returns. Everything is tracked in SmartFill, letting you make informed decisions about your business using our complete outsourced order fulfillment process.

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Our fulfillment experts can provide a shipping analysis to see how you may be able to take advantage of faster delivery times and lower shipping costs by shipping from multiple fulfillment centers in our network. Stop wasting time and money on unnecessary transits and high shipping costs. Talk to our fulfillment team today to learn how we can work together to optimize your eCommerce strategy!

Why RSL?
What our clients say
Vet Organics

We began a search and quickly concluded that we needed a larger company with multiple fulfillment centers that we could grow into, rather than choose a company with one single, centrally located, fulfillment center.

Fitness Product Company

Even though we’re not physically handling the order fulfillment, we feel like we are in complete control of the process.

Morrison Outdoors

We used 2 other warehouses before RSL, and I can honestly say that it feels like RSL has the best of all worlds – unbeatable prices, exemplary service, perfect consistency. I’m grateful to be your customer!