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“The system and high quality staff that RSL has in place ensures that your company is treated like their own.”- Dustin Drummond, Co-Owner, Voda Swim

Why did you decide to outsource customer service to RSL?

Several years ago, we moved our business, Voda Swim, from California to Nevada. To prepare for this transition, we decided to outsource to Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL). We really wanted our shipping, customer service and returns all in one central location to optimize efficiency. Customer service was a new offering that RSL was providing and was brought on by my insistence.

Previously, you were doing it all on your own. Did you have any concerns about hiring a third party?

At first, I was concerned the extremely high level of customer service we had achieved over the years would suffer, but my worries were quickly put to rest. After a week of training, our new customer service representative, Michele, was up and running and doing an amazing job. We were really impressed with how smoothly the transition went and how dedicated Michele was to our account.

After a couple of years, Michele was promoted to another position and Lydia was brought on board. I was worried that I would need to start the training all over again, but RSL made sure to give ample time for transitioning our new rep.

How has your experience outsourcing customer service to RSL been?

I truly believe that both Michele and Lydia have been the best customer service reps we have ever had. Lydia is extremely thorough, timely in her replies, patient with customers, proactive and needs very little guidance. She is not directly our employee, but works only on our account, dealing with our customer service inquiries, returns and shipping assistance for our more difficult orders. The great thing is that this frees up a lot of my time as I don't need to supervise or worry about payroll.

We also have a couple of backup reps for when Lydia is out. During these few occasions, I have found that our customer service and returns continue to operate smoothly with maybe only a few additional questions for me to answer.

What would you say to business owners thinking of outsourcing customer service to RSL?

I would highly recommend all companies that are interested in outsourcing their customer service and fulfillment to consider working with Rakuten Super Logistics. The system and high quality staff that RSL has in place ensures that your company is treated like their own. It is a huge weight off our shoulders knowing that every day our customers are receiving high quality service as well as fast shipping on all their orders.

About Voda Swim

Voda Swim is a new concept in bikini design. International model, Yulia, believed finding a bikini top that fits should not be a frustrating, disappointing experience. Taking it as a personal challenge, Yulia and husband Dustin spent many long nights working on the Envy Push Up bikini.

The coveted bikini is the first swimsuit designed to flatter small-breasted women and shape breasts by providing lift and support, with the kind of cutting edge style that satisfies the most demanding fashionista. Voda Swim has now been featured in countless print and online publications and has become the go-to bikini for thousands of women worldwide.

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