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We interviewed the CEO of a natural foods company on her experience in fulfillment and shipping before and after working with RSL. See what she had to say.

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We interviewed our client and CEO of a growing natural foods company on her experience in fulfillment and shipping before and after working with RSL. See what she had to say. Audio transcript below has been edited for clarity.

What was it like before you started working with RSL?

When I first started at our growing company, we were shipping just out of our Boulder warehouse. So I was literally printing out the orders, packing them, shipping them, writing down lot codes manually—like doing all of that by myself, which was insane.
That was when our volume was still very small, I think we got maybe 30 to 50 orders a week. And then last year when [orders] started to pick up, our 3PL that does our distributors [orders] and all our big business, agreed to do our Shopify fulfillment and so they started doing that because they already had all the product on site.
They [current 3PL at the time] were going into Shopify and printing out our orders. But then we ended up having a 10-year anniversary sale, and got slammed with I think like 500 orders that weekend and they were not prepared for that…
I had already set ourselves up to ship with RSL for sample fulfillment, but you weren't integrated with our Shopify doing our website yet. And then I think you must have started our website shortly after that.
I remember we used to have big sales and it was like if we got 60 orders over the weekend we were like, oh my God it’s going to take us all week to ship these!

What about RSL surprised you the most?

I think how quickly you guys ship orders. I remember the team saying the biggest complaint is usually like it's too late to cancel the order because you guys already shipped it out. Which is awesome because that was definitely not like what we were doing before. It took us a long time to get orders out.
It's very rare that people want to cancel and if they want to add to their order, we can do that manually like just ship them another package. But yeah, that's been awesome. That's how quickly you guys fill orders.

What would you tell someone who's considering RSL for fulfillment and shipping?

I would definitely recommend you guys, especially for businesses that are looking to expand. For businesses that are looking to expand their website sales, or even helping with influencer mailers and putting together kits, you guys have been really helpful.
There are so many natural food companies that are just starting up and everybody starts out doing fulfillment and shipping on their own—but you guys are a great fit for that. It still feels like our company, but like you guys are just an extension of that, helping us grow our orders.
I would highly recommend you guys.

Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about RSL?

I want to say thank you for how awesome you guys have been because we were able to grow our website sales this year significantly. We could have never done this if we didn't have a resource like you guys.
This year so far is probably 10 times what we did last year. So yeah, just thank you. You guys have been awesome helping grow our business.

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This natural foods company sells shelf-stable goods including granola, oatmeal, and bars. Find out how Rakuten Super Logistics can take over the shipping and fulfillment for your prepackaged natural foods and help you grow your business.
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