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“We are able to provide same day shipping where we can compete with all the major eCommerce companies. And, with same day shipping, our customers love us.”

What is most important to you when dealing with your customers?

The most important thing is to provide our customers with a human touch and a professional feel-- we call that touchy-feely. We want people to know that we care.

Why don’t you just hire a few people to ship your orders as opposed to outsourcing?

We can always try to reinvent the wheel. We can also form partnerships with companies that provide high performing services that we are seeking. With RSL, we chose wisely; Rakuten Super Logistics is fulfillment on steroids (with a price we can afford). We are happy and our customers are thrilled.

What attracted you to RSL as opposed to other fulfillment providers?

First, RSL provides a unique breadth of experience as well as a willingness to work with companies like ourselves that are scaling up. Their personalized service lets us know we will not be lost in the proverbial sauce.

How do you view RSL in the overall context of your business?

We look at RSL as "our" warehouse and shipping department. What is even better is that RSL knows that they are our partners. They are looking out for us.

Can you give an example of how working with RSL has helped you stay ahead of the competition?

We are able to provide same day shipping--where we can compete with all the major eCommerce companies. And, with same day shipping, our customers love us.

Are there any “extras” that you get by working with RSL?

What I love best is the 100% Accuracy Guarantee; in the rare event when the wrong item is shipped, you do not pay for the original shipping and handling costs and RSL will bend over backwards to work out any issues with the customer.

Are you satisfied with the speed and accuracy of RSL’s services?

Bottom Line: We love RSL! <3

About Rakuten Super Logistics

Founded in 2001, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. (formerly Webgistix is a Rakuten, Inc. (4755: Tokyo) company and a global leader in e-Commerce order fulfillment. Operating a strategic, nationwide network of 3rd party fulfillment centers, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. protects e-Commerce retailers’ reputation with fast and accurate order fulfillment. The Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. SmartSuite of e-Commerce services include SmartFill, SmartStock, and SmartShip Optimizer for calculating the optimal shipment method so orders are delivered at the lowest cost at guaranteed delivery times.

  • Shopify eCommerce Integration
  • Fulfillment Center Network

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