President & CEO

Michael Manzione

Michael Manzione is President and Chief Executive Officer of Rakuten Super Logistics. Manzione leads the team with over 30 years of experience in operations, focusing on growth strategy and innovation. His areas of expertise include team building, revenue and profit enhancement, process improvement, and new business development.

With a mission to empower merchants around the world, Manzione is dedicated to expanding Rakuten Super Logistics’ fulfillment services to businesses of every size, providing them the tools to compete with today’s eCommerce giants.

Prior to working with Rakuten, Manzione led operations for several companies in the fulfillment and food and beverage industries.

Manzione applied his management skills early on in the restaurant industry, spending fourteen years in Operations,Training and Management with Wendy’s International. When the opportunity to become a franchisee of the chain presented itself, he was eager to take on the challenge and spent thirteen years running multiple establishments. He then decided to switch gears and sold the restaurants to pursue a new path.

In 2008, Manzione took on his first leadership role in the order fulfillment industry, where he had the opportunity to help turn around a fledgling 3PL. The successful four-year turn-around of the business resulted in the sale of the company to a large-scale logistics firm. He greatly enjoyed his time in the eCommerce space and continued on that path, running a couple fulfillment companies before joining the Rakuten family. In 2014, Manzione joined Rakuten Super Logistics as the Chief OperatingOfficer, later assuming the role of CEO in 2017.

Manzione was born in Spain and grew up in Greece, Turkey, and Italy and is fluent in Italian. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Financial Management Services. Manzione enjoys playing soccer and traveling to tropical destinations around the world with his family.