The Benefits of Shopping Online

More and more, customers are turning to their phones and computers to make purchases. Learn more about the benefits of online shopping with Rakuten SL!

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The Benefits of Shopping Online

How slow is too slow when it comes to ordering something online? In the past, a week or two of waiting for a package was not unexpected, but in fact common. Not anymore. With the rise of eCommerce and the exploding popularity of online retail stores, consumers don’t want their package in a few weeks, they want it immediately, the sooner the better. Consumers are pleasantly surprised when they receive their orders a day or two after they clicked that ‘checkout’ button. Now, receiving a package within a few days of ordering it is expected, and online retailers betray this expectation at their peril. Shopping is, on a certain level, based on impulse and emotion. The longer you have to wait for a product, the less of that impulse remains. After all, who wants to order a pair of sneakers online if it takes two weeks to get to you, when you can buy a similar pair at a nearby sports store? Speed of delivery is a crucial differentiator in today’s market that far too many online stores ignore.

Has a late delivery ever made you decide to stop shopping at an online store?

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