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Our reliable order fulfillment services, complete with a 100% order accuracy guarantee, help ensure a positive customer experience and uphold your online reputation.

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Fast, Accurate, and Cost-Effective Order Fulfillment is Possible

Increasing customer demands for fast and free shipping can make accurate and cost-effective fulfillment difficult for inexperienced fulfillment centers and entrepreneurs.

Rakuten Super Logistics Knows Fulfillment

The bottom line is—we’re an online shipping company that’s been around for a long time, and we're good at what we do.

Rakuten Super Logistics has the expertise, resources, and relationships in place for a successful supply chain solution. We provide the best order fulfillment services.

As a leading ecommerce order fulfillment company, we provide the flexibility, scalability, and cost savings that today’s businesses demand, including:

  • 99.9% order accuracy guarantee
  • 100% order turnaround by next business day
  • 99% our 2-Day Delivery Network

Our nationwide network of ecommerce fulfillment centers provide the optimal locations for your product port entry, as well as the optimal shipping network to deliver to your end.

Reach 98% of the United States within 2 days via ground shipping, by utilizing strategic fulfillment center locations in our 2-Day Delivery Network

Our team can provide a shipping analysis to see how you may be able to take advantage of faster delivery times and lower shipping costs by shipping from multiple fulfillment centers in our network.

Depending on the needs of your business, our team can put together a plan for kitting that works for you. For more information about our order fulfillment services, contact us to speak with a member of our fulfillment team.

  • Protect your online reputation with 100% order accuracy
  • Ensure happy customers with quick order processing
  • Faster delivery with facilities closer to your customers
  • Lower shipping cost with decreased transits
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From Order to Delivery, We Create a Seamless Experience For Your Customers.

These days, it’s not enough to just offer a great product. Customers demand easy ordering, free shipping, and fast delivery when they purchase something online. A late order or the wrong product being delivered can cost you time, resources, and your reputation. That’s where our order fulfillment services come in.

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Make a Commitment to Your Customers With Confidence

With Rakuten Super Logistics, guaranteeing accurate orders and fast shipping to your customers is easy. With our ecommerce order fulfillment services, you get:

  • 100% order accuracy guarantee
  • 100% order turnaround by next business day
  • 1-2 day ground shipping via our 2-Day Delivery Network 
  • Access to our exclusive Xparcel Ground and Xparcel Expedited products

Ecommerce customers have come to expect full transparency and exceptional service when making an online purchase. We understand that the role we play in this process is a critical part of creating this experience for your customers. Along with our order accuracy and shipping guarantees, we also pay attention to details that will make all the difference.

Was the order packed neatly? Did it arrive on time and intact? Was the package hard to open? Was it difficult to return an item? Your customer’s experience doesn’t end after they confirm their purchase. In fact, it’s just the beginning. You can rely on our 3PL fulfillment experts to deliver the experience you promise your customers—from ordering to delivery and everything in between.

Natural Foods Company

We interviewed CEO of a natural foods company on her experience in fulfillment and shipping before and after working with RSL. See what she had to say.

CEO, Natural Foods Company
Morrison Outdoors

Award-Winning Sleeping Bags talk about their great experience with Rakuten Super Logistics.

Founder, CEO
Nutraceutical Company

Rakuten Super Logistics provides integrative technology and subscription box fulfillment expertise to help eCommerce businesses reach their full potential.

Nutraceutical Company

Order Fulfillment Services: Our Fulfillment Process

When you put your trust in Rakuten Super Logistics for your fulfillment needs, you’re partnering with an experienced team of logistics experts. Here’s how we deliver the best ecommerce experience for both you and our customers.

1. Adding Inventory to Our Fulfillment Centers

Depending on which of our fulfillment centers is closest to you and your customers, you can ship your inventory to our warehouses in bulk. After receiving your products, we will store them in our warehouse, where they can be easily located, picked, and packed for your customer orders right away.

2. Picking

When your customers place an online order, the details of that order are immediately routed to our fulfillment center through our SmartFill fulfillment management platform. It tells us exactly what items are included in the order so we can quickly locate the products in our warehouse, gather them, and carefully pack them.

3. Packing

Our experienced RSL warehouse teams prepare each order for shipping by carefully packing every item using durable boxes, materials, and tape. Once the package is securely sealed, the shipping label is attached and scanned, and your inventory levels are updated.

4. Shipping

Our 2-Day Delivery Network then picks up the package for shipping and delivery to your customer. You and your customers can track orders through our eCommerce shipping partners, which include UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. With Xparcel, we will help you choose the shipping service that minimizes the transit time and shipping cost for you. 

5. Returns

Even when orders are 100% accurate and delivered on time, there will still be a small percentage of returns from customers who decide they no longer need the product or find the item does not meet their particular needs. We offer complete return management services and the restocking of returned items to your inventory (when appropriate).

To learn more about our order fulfillment services and how we can help you enhance your customer experience, contact our team for a quote today!

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We Are a 3PL eCommerce Fulfillment Company You Can Trust

Founded in 2001, Rakuten Super Logistics has provided ecommerce fulfillment services and logistics solutions for more than 20 years. We want to be more than just your order fulfillment company. We look at ourselves as your ecommerce partner and an extension of your brand identity.

We’ve worked with just about every industry and have built lasting relationships with our clients. From electronics to apparel and fitness products to online pet accessories, we’ve partnered with companies to handle order processing and fulfillment, subscription box fulfillment, warehousing, shipping, and more. Check out our success stories to learn how we can help your business reach its full potential.

We Believe in Order Fulfillment Services That Go Beyond the Box

Our team is made up of passionate logistics and fulfillment experts who are always working to improve our services and communication. We want you to feel informed, involved, and confident when working with Rakuten SL. We also want you to know there is a dedicated support team available to you should you have questions or concerns about the fulfillment process.

We offer U.S.-based client support on both the east and west coasts, in-house warehouse liaisons, and dedicated client success teams for an unrivaled client experience. We’re always available when you need us. Contact our team to learn more.

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Our fulfillment experts can provide a shipping analysis to see how you may be able to take advantage of faster delivery times and lower shipping costs by shipping from multiple fulfillment centers in our network. Stop wasting time and money on unnecessary transits and high shipping costs. Talk to our fulfillment team today to learn how we can work together to optimize your eCommerce strategy!

Why RSL?
100% Order accuracy RSL
100% Same Day Shipping with RSL
What our clients say
Vet Organics Clients loved RSL
Vet Organics

We began a search and quickly concluded that we needed a larger company with multiple fulfillment centers that we could grow into, rather than choose a company with one single, centrally located, fulfillment center.

Our fitness client loved their experience working with us.
Fitness Product Company

Even though we’re not physically handling the order fulfillment, we feel like we are in complete control of the process.

Morrison Outdoors talked about using our network.
Morrison Outdoors

We used 2 other warehouses before RSL, and I can honestly say that it feels like RSL has the best of all worlds – unbeatable prices, exemplary service, perfect consistency. I’m grateful to be your customer!

eCommerce Fulfillment Service FAQs

What is a 3PL?

3PL is an acronym for third-party logistics. This simply refers to a company with which a business chooses to partner to handle logistics needs, including warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution services. Many eCommerce retailers choose to outsource their logistics needs to a 3PL fulfillment company to allow for business growth, lowered shipping costs, and to expand their customer reach.

What is 3PL order fulfillment?

Order fulfillment services for eCommerce is every step that happens between a customer making an online purchase to receiving the delivery. A lot goes into order fulfillment, including the actual packing and shipping of goods from a fulfillment center. It is easily the cornerstone of successful eCommerce and is necessary for any online retailer.

What happens at an order fulfillment center?

At an eCommerce fulfillment warehouse, the customer’s order information is sent to our facility, where the inventory is stored so items can be located and packed for shipping. The package is then shipped from our closest fulfillment warehouse directly to your customer. These steps may not be visible to your customers, but they are what will define customer satisfaction in the end.

When is the right time to work with an order fulfillment center?

There comes a point in any business when fulfillment needs become too big to do in-house. There are only so many products your team can pack and ship without sacrificing time and resources that could be better spent on business growth. If you’re running out of space for your new products, struggling to keep up with packing and delivery, have seen a significant increase in shipping costs, are unable to compete with other eCommerce sellers, or need a better process for returns, it’s time to partner with an experienced eCommerce fulfillment provider.

How do you manage inventory?

Although you won’t physically be in possession of your inventory while it’s in our fulfillment warehouse, you will still have complete access and transparency through our digital dashboard. This allows us to update inventory levels and inform you when products need to be replaced. All inventory is scanned at receiving and routinely monitored, so we have an accurate count and know exactly where everything is located.

Do you handle returns?

Yes, Rakuten Super Logistics can handle returns. Our in-house staff is trained to treat the transactions as if they were their own. We will either return the items to your inventory if they meet your specific quality control checks or dispose of damaged items as instructed. We ensure fast and easy return management services, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time handling this aspect of eCommerce fulfillment.

Will your fulfillment technology integrate with my eCommerce platform?

Our SmartFill fulfillment management platform integrates with the major eCommerce shopping carts and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart Marketplace, Magento, and more. We also offer integration for customized platforms via our API. Our Rakuten Super Logistics team of onboarding specialists can explain the integration process and how we ensure a smooth and seamless launch after connecting to SmartFill. Contact us to learn more.

Where are your fulfillment centers located?

We have a nationwide eCommerce fulfillment network of warehouses to store inventory and ship your deliveries from a location closest to your customers. Our West Coast fulfillment centers include Anaheim, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Reno, NV. Our East Coast fulfillment centers are located in Carlstadt, NJ, Olean, NY, Scranton, PA, and Atlanta, GA. We also have a fulfillment center in Chicago, IL, to service the midwest, centers in Austin, TX, and Houston, TX for your south-central states, and Denver, CO, and Salt Lake City, UT, to reach your Rocky Mountain customers.

How do I choose the best fulfillment center for my needs?

You definitely want to choose a fulfillment provider that can best meet the needs of your eCommerce business. Consider where your customers are located and choose a close fulfillment center that can store your inventory, pick and pack your products, and provide quick and accurate shipping. You should also ensure that your fulfillment service provider has the ability to grow with your business and save you money on shipping costs as demand for your products increases. Learn more about streamlining your eCommerce shipping and how a fulfillment company can help you maximize your growth potential.